The kind of photo session even Dad won’t mind:

PLAY, don’t pose! Relationship dynamics can rarely be captured in their true essence with a pose and a smile. Let me be a fly on the wall and help document your world and loved ones through photography! All sessions will include (1) formal pose of everyone present (because let’s be honest, us moms want to see those smiling faces all looking at the camera at the same time), and the remainder of the session will be unposed. This is not your average Pinterest pose photo session. Check out my vision page to learn more about my approach to photography.

For what it's worth...

Investment starts at $125, contact me today for your personalized quote.


What is there to document?

There is beauty in the ordinary, and meaningful memories are rarely created in a posed photo session. Let's start the conversation today about preserving your memories in photography. A few session ideas include:

  • Family Adventures, like hiking

  • Family Traditions

  • Fun at Home, like dancing in the sprinklers or a squirtgun fight!

  • Celebrations, like baptisms and birthdays

  • A Day with Grandma or A Day with Grandpa


Your memories are waiting.