January 2018 | Personal Work + P52 Project | Midland, MI

Oh hey there world, nice to see you after almost a year! I was a little MIA the last half of 2017 as I spent my summer and fall working with the Oden and Janelle photography team, as well as being pregnant and chasing a very energetic toddler. And finishing our basement. Hopefully I will be better at completing things in 2018 (but who am I kidding).

This year, I have decided to complete a Project 52 photography challenge, where I share (at least) one photo a week for the entire year. I'm participating in a themed project, run by a few fab ladies over at p52 Clicks, where there is a new photography technique explored each month. You can see my weekly posts on my instagram - @momentsthatmakeus.

I won't be taking on any paid client work for at least the first half of the year, if not longer, so I will be sharing my p52 photos and personal work on my blog instead of client work. The latter half of 2017, creatively speaking, was invested in honing in on my personal style and improving my technical photography skills, so I have currently removed my old blog posts - no, this isn't my website malfunctioning. When I do start blogging again, expect to see something a little different than in the past!

Anyways, enough of that. January's theme was low light, which is not something I have voluntarily worked on in the past. I've discovered that in low light situations, I lean towards high-contrast situations created by shadows and bold light, versus the softer tone that can often characterize "low light" images. Scroll to the bottom to see this month's personal work favorites. Also, as a part of my new-found no-time-for-myself lifestyle, the majority of these photos were edited on my phone. As such, please excuse the softness and/or grain caused by file compression.

p52 - JANUARY - Low Light



January has been a month of trying to find our new "normal", as Jack (above) has finally arrived. As such, there really hasn't been much time to take photos - with the exception of naptime. Sophia has adjusted fairly well to losing her only-child status, as long as she gets a sufficient amount of time in the kitchen cooking with "Flour. Sugar. Eggs.", which are all ingredients to every recipe in her mind. She has also hit the point in hairstyles where I am just going to pretend this phase doesn't exist - she either has hair completely covering her eyes, or up in a ridiculous ponytail (see low light photo of her quail-esque hairdo). Soon enough it will be able to be tucked behind her ears. And it will stay there. Right?


Thanks for reading! Come back next month for more! February's theme is minimalism/negative space, a favorite of mine...!