February 2018 | Personal Work + P52 Project | Midland, Michigan, and Naples, Florida

It's half way through March, so I thought it was about time to recap my February p52 project work. For those who missed out on January's recap, I have decided to complete a Project 52 photography challenge this year, where I share (at least) one photo a week for the entire year. I'm participating in a themed project, run by a few fab ladies over at p52 Clicks, where there is a new photography technique explored each month. You can see my weekly posts on my instagram - @momentsthatmakeus.

February's theme was Minimalism and Negative Space, which I am a huge fan of. Check out my past work in this area here. Negative space, in a nutshell, is the framing of your subject (the "positive" space) with an ample amount of the subject's surroundings to create a dramatic effect and draw the eye to the subject. Here are my p52 images for this month - I particularly enjoy applying the concept of Negative Space to architecture. Scroll to the bottom to see my personal work from the month of February! All of the images can be viewed larger/individually by simply clicking on the image itself.

Commercial buildings are perfect for capturing the clean lines that often make up minimalist images.


We escaped the cold of Michigan for a week and headed to Naples, Florida! It's safe to say that almost all of my personal work for this month is from our trip - I am not particularly inspired by the half thawed snow and muddy roadsides here in Midland. Except for this barn - which is the picture-perfect barn for a Christmas tree farm (which is what it is).

And lest Jack feel left out...

Thanks for reading! The theme for March is black and white photography, so stay tuned for a past work showcase of my favorite black and white images!