March 2018 | Personal Work + p52 | Midland, Michigan

Anyone who has lived where the winters are longer than any other season knows that March is practically the worst month of the year. February and April are tied for second. The weather is dreary, the sun has been MIA for months, and everything is just gray. It's almost like the world forgot that color existed - so it's only fitting that this month's theme for my p52 project was black and white.

I should preface the remainder of this post with the statement that I am not depressed, and you do not need to call my doctor about my mental health. The sun has returned and I survived March.

On top of the weather being as dismal as possible, I decided to further punish myself by starting full on potty training for Sophia. And yes, as many have pointed out to me, that is very difficult with a newborn. There are a lot of things that we will do differently when potty training Jack, lesson learned! Why do I mention this? Well, my creativity has basically gone down the toilet this month. Pun intended.

Although my toilet selfie did give me the opportunity to try out in-camera double exposures for the first time, so there is that perk of hanging out in a bathroom all month.

Even before the potty training hit full throttle, I was feeling pretty exhausted. Vacation with two young kids really isn't restful, and returning to the gray of Michigan is a huge mood-killer. The end result is that my Resting Mom Face (yes, that is a play on RBF) has been hanging around a lot more than I would like it to be. I took the picture below to harass my children with when they are old enough to appreciate how terrible I look just from trying to keep them fed, dressed, and rested - which is, indeed, mutually exclusive to saying the same for my own well-being. To anyone out there who has gleefully forgotten what parenting toddlers is like and only remembers the rose-colored glasses version or to anyone who has not yet had kids, here's a hint for you: all of us who are in that stage are fully aware of how terrible we look. Try not to stare at us, we know. Seriously. We KNOW. I may have also taken this photo because I had no other subjects that would cooperate with me for the lighting I wanted to play with...

In addition to moderately depressing photos of myself, I also captured dilapidated barns in March to lift the mood a bit. Nothing says rainbows and sunshine like a black and white image of a decrepit building that might fall over at any moment paired with a leafless and potentially dead tree. 

This barn photo was taken as a deliberate attempt to capture a landscape in black and white. I'm not sure if this counts as a landscape since the main subject is actually a building, but it was more difficult than I thought to capture an intentionally black and white landscape!

I also captured a few shots of tulips, which are the best thing about March. I think God gave us tulips in all their perfection as an apology for the second half of winter. I had originally hoped to capture this bunch of tulips in their prime, but potty training and naptime disasters quashed my good intentions. As such, I was forced to take the photo in black and white to hide their browning petals and blackened leaves. On my phone. Minutes before my posting deadline for my p52 group. I didn't really like the end result, but I'm sharing it here because apparently other people did and it wound up featured on the p52 Clicks moderator's blog.


In the midst of March, there were indeed a few highlights worth photos. They include snaps from the Dow Gardens Butterfly House and Belle Isle Aquarium and Conservatory.

Phew, I'm glad it's not March anymore!!